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New Zealand Phone Number ListMore simply put, acknowledge what you appreciate seeing on your LinkedIn feed, and start pushing that kind of content from your business page. Ready to invest in social media? See how we can help elevate your social media presence. Learn More The most important tip for your LinkedIn account: just get started! No advice under the sun will help you improve your.

LinkedIn engagement if you aren’t active New Zealand Phone Number on the platform. To fine-tune your LinkedIn strategy, you need to start somewhere and see what your audience responds to. Once you start posting, evaluate your analytics, and focus on what’s working. Jumping in headfirst can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been posting much on your LinkedIn company page until now. We can help you get started.

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Reach out to one of our social media team members New Zealand Phone Number or click that orange chat button in the bottom right-hand corner. There are so many features and cool ways to use Microsoft Teams, that it is tempting to make Teams into a complete digital workplace. But that is a mistake.

Teams is not an intranet. Don’t try to make it do too much. As many organizations are finding, overloading Teams reduces its efficiency and increases employee frustration. Here’s why, and here’s what to do instead. Teams is excellent for collaboration… Teams offers game-changing tools: chat, video, important integrations with useful Microsoft tools such as Planner and Microsoft Lists. However, where Microsoft Teams really shines is 1:1 and small group collaboration. The reason is simple: Real-time and asynchronous collaboration are frictionless.

When you collaborate in a chat or a channel, your files are right there and easy to share. You know that the version you are working on is the same version your colleague is working on. Teams and channels are easy to set up with templates, and IT admins can easily manage governance with a tool like Powell Teams.

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Request Your Microsoft Teams Health Check. Regain control of your Teams Environment. TRY NOW …but Teams is weak on communication. Wait, what? Doesn’t collaboration require communication? Yes, but we like to draw a bright line between collaboration on Teams and the type of communication best served by an intranet.

We like to say that “Microsoft Teams is for collaboration and your intranet is for communication.” In other words, intranets are designed for communicating the type of information that needs to be broadcast widely to the entire organization or targeted groups within the organization, whereas Teams is where employees work on that information before sharing widely.

For example, a working group within Human Resources may collaborate on a new policy document in Microsoft Teams. However, when it is time for every employee to have access to that document, it belongs in an intranet. An intranet is purpose-built for communication.

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