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Your participation in a trend as forced or very sales-oriented, they won’t want to interact with you. You need to take it as something lighter and more fun, without purely commercial purposes. Your digital marketing strategy is based on trust and rapprochement with your audience to create strong and lasting ties, a campaign that looks very “selling” will only cause mistrust. The Mannequin Challenge is one of the latest booms in social networks, this challenge consists of staying “frozen” while recording a group of people, just like a mannequin.

This trend has been used by various companies, especially retail, however, Sprite did it differently. He invited his community on social networks to share a video with his own challenge, and thus enter contests to win interesting prizes. This has Kenya WhatsApp Number List excellent results in attracting attention to the brand. Keeping up with social media trends will help you gain more exposure and interaction. Do not think that because your company is in a traditionally “serious” field , your audience will not appreciate that you provide them with

Interesting And Fun Content

that is aligned with what they are already consuming on social networks. If you want to discover what else you can do to attract your audience with incredible content, download our free guide to creating your own content strategy where you will find everything you need. Do you want to create a solid community in social networks? Follow these tips and you will be able to get closer to your audience on these platforms Boost Boost Experts in Inbound Marketing More


than ten years have passed since the moment in which social networks appeared. In the digital medium and made people talk, causing a furor that continues to this day. To date, it is that there are approximately 2.307 billion users to social networks. What would come to be almost a third of the world’s population, according to the We Are Social report . internet-users-social-networks.jpg With these figures; It is inevitable that we are aware of how important these platforms are for our lives and for

On The Other Hand

make sure that your video does not last more than 5 minutes, remember. That your audience is with information, so you must show digestible, simple, direct and fast content. The video has a duration of 1:26 min and the quality of the images is high. Image1.png 3.The good performance of your video will depend on the content you make. You must run a video that is valuable to your followers. That is, that helps to solve their doubts or satisfy their needs.

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