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Color in 2022: North Sea Coast We Iran Phone Number a tour of the color sizes of the earth. At Pantone they say: “ Colors for Spring/Summer 2022 reflect our aspiration for balance as we move through a changing landscape. Colors that evince our need for comfort, clarity, and security satisfy our urge to stay with Iran Phone Number familiar .” PPG – the parent company of Histor – comes with colors like Oyster Shell, Olive Sprig and Winter’s Breath. Flexa points to the color Bright Skies – a breath of fresh air – as the color for 2022. In these confusing times we are looking for peace and space.

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The color palette for 2022 is Iran Phone Number of a brisk, fresh walk along the North Sea coast: beach, sea, dunes, clouds and a herring gull skimming past. Color trends in practice. Colors of 2022 at Onze Taal , Bijenkorf , Expertise Center Basic Skills , Hermitage , Rijnland Water Board and Pieter Iran Phone Number packaging-free groceries. 5. Full bucket width Editorial design has been cool for years. Where previously only specials such as event, landing and campaign pages were designed as glossy magazines, we now see entire commerce platforms and corporate websites extending Iran Phone Number the full width of every screen – no matter Iran Phone Number large. Max fullwidth.

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Texts and images scale. Nice man, Iran Phone Number it in our shopping cart . Design trends: across the board. Full-screen design at commerce platforms The North Face , Protest and juice webshop Juice Brothers ; and Iran Phone Number websites of the Rijnland Water Board , Burger King and Spa . 6. Hero Video If one picture is worth a thousand words, how much does one video say? It is logical that many Iran Phone Number opt for a full-screen huge a** video on the homepage. In your face: here we are. The best examples put series of ultra-short shots one after the other.

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