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This is a mix of the right channels and the right resources. How do Bolivia Phone Number List these brands effectively communicate their story to their interested audience? It is important to choose the right communication mix for this. This can be a combination of online and offline media. Tony’s Chocolonely and Hands Off My Chocolate have chosen the following mix of Bolivia Phone Number List resources and channels (see table below). The mix of online and offline means for communication. As you can see there is overlap here and there. Still, they generally choose different ways to get their distinctive message across to the right audience. This makes sense as they both serve a different interested audience.

Often Have In Common

Tony’s Chocolonely For example, Tony’s Chocolonely chooses Bolivia Phone Number use ‘video’ as an effective medium because it is a powerful way to convey their mission. It is easier to convey emotion through images and sound than through text. Another example is the use of advertisements. This can be in offline and online media. It is a good way for Tony’s Chocolonely to bring Bolivia Phone Number List their story (further) to the attention of their interested audience. Hands Off My Chocolate Hands Off My Chocolate, on the other hand, opts for textual content such as blogs, which also serve as recipes. This fits in with their mission to make you ‘feel good’ when eating chocolate and with their core value of ‘action-oriented’ by getting started with these delicious recipes.

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Because these two resources also support ‘the good feeling’ of Bolivia Phone Number List eating chocolate. convey your story Finally, it is important to mention that it is important not only to look at which resources and channels you find comfortable to use, but also to map out where Bolivia Phone Number List your interested audience is located online and offline. And what kind of content they consume. Only then can you convey your story in an effective way. As a communication professional you probably think after this turbulent year: what actually happened?! Not only the world, but also your organization has had to adapt considerably. And right now you want to know: how will we be at the end of 2020?

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