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Neither are their languages the same, nor are their aspirations alike, nor are their dreams or worries. Khamsa does not portray any Arab youth, a label too presumptuous. In addition, It simply portrays five short stories told with the simplicity and forcefulness of its own protagonists.

After the screening of Khamsa , members of the groups Citizens and GRECS. We will open a conversation with Marc Almodóvar, director of the documentary and with the people in attendance. After that,  About the social and political news of the Mediterranean region.  With a special interest in the various ways. of living youth there.

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With the Fax Lists and the conversation . We aim to be able to approach from a ethnographic sensitivity to the realities lived . And presented from everyday life with all the complexity and richness that this entails. The documentary is part of the actions of the SAHWA research project ( more info ) .

Marc Almodóvar – Director of the documentary Khamsa Journalist and documentary filmmaker. Author of a dozen documentaries and freelance journalist based in Egypt for about five years. Author of the book Egypt Behind the Barricade (2014, Virus) and the documentaries Erhal (2011).  Eskandereya (2010), BCN Thematic Park (2009) and Beyond Fiction (2007), among others.

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If an intelligent being from another galaxy arrived on planet Earth. Which would mean that it is more advanced than us – it would have no difficulty in understanding the laws of Physics. Mathematics, Chemistry.  Since these sciences they seek universal, univocal laws, uniformity, within certain conditions.

On the contrary, we should learn everything from our Histories, our Arts, our Philosophies, our Literatures.  Our ways of constructing our identities, our conflicts and political forms…, since these areas of knowledge and action seek difference, diversity, pluralism…, in their context.

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