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Working memory “briefly holds something in mind.  Such as a phone that you want to call right away. The plans we make, and the problems we solve. Working memory is also critical to speech production. In children with dyslexia.  It is precisely this type of memory that suffers from a developmental delay.

The prefrontal cortex performs its function for working memory in close collaboration with the hippocampus by fixing attention and selecting stimuli. The words that are best remember during a test are those that cause the most activity in both the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampal area. If we want to dial a phone number immediately and then forget about it.  We are using our working memory.

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But if we repeat this Switzerland phone number several times, we can store it in long-term memory. Working memory retains information for a short time and for general use. And is crucial for performing complex tasks and certain actions. Normally, if we repeat the information in the working memory.  It is store in the long-term memory. In the temporal lobe is the hippocampus , which is essential for memory.

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In the case of HM, the epileptic foci were locate precisely in the hippocampus.  From which two-thirds were remove between the two sides. This brain structure is call the seahorse because of its resemblance to the tail of this animal, twist and tooth. Without a hippocampus. HM could remember perfectly well the things that had happen three years before the operation.

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Thus we know that it is not in this area where the “remote” memory is locate. Research in neurological patients has shown that partial damage to the hippocampus cause. For example, by an accident, can lead to lasting disorders that alter memory from the very moment of the accident. This is amnesia such as the one that radically occurr to HM after the operation.

The hippocampus specializes in combining the information it receives from various directions. The location of the restaurant where we stay.  The appearance of the person waiting for us, the noises and smells from the kitchen and the location of our table are arrange . In the hippocampus to form a coherent scene in the autobiographical memory, the chronicle of our life.

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