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My gift for the people I was allowed to Paraguay Phone Number close to. The more I shoot, the more my passion has only increased. I love the special stories of people, the beauty and the little things that make life Paraguay Phone Number beautiful! I capture all this with a lot of love with my camera. Part 2: Background People don’t want the first one. You have a certain expertise that allows you to offer your service(s) or product(s). Tell about it and provide proof. These can be the Paraguay Phone Number things like: educations, trainings and courses, obtained quality marks, work experience, was apprenticed to another expert, and/or well-known clients. But you can also think further.

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You an experience expert? Or do Paraguay Phone Number have a unique combination of skills? You may not have studied exactly for what you are doing now, but your education does give you a different angle. Tell people why you know what you’re doing. Photographer example : During my Paraguay Phone Number studies I learned to approach people without prejudice and to tell stories. I include this in my photos. I don’t just think from the image, but also from the content, from your story. With more than 10 years of experience, I have been able to capture many different people. I quickly Paraguay Phone Number what works and what doesn’t.

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Is the light not cooperating? Do we Paraguay Phone Number have less time? No problem, I stay calm, find the best places, create a relaxed atmosphere and take the most beautiful pictures of you. Part 3: working Paraguay Phone Number & vision You will not be the only one offering your particular service or product. But you do it your own way. What do you do differently than Jantje who offers the same? Tell about your (overarching) way of working and why you do it that way. This also helps you to really Paraguay Phone Number the customers who feel addressed and therefore fit well with your working method.

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