They Don’t Want to Pay So Much

As far as I’m concerned, the motto is mainly to hold on to your staff, after all. New people are hard to get hold of. Further growth in the number of vacancies, together with falling unemployment, led to even greater tension in the labor market in the third quarter of 2021 (figures CBS, HK.). There are 126 vacancies for every 100 unemployed ! This labor market mismatch is truly historic. How come? Let me give an example: the employer demands diploma A, the candidate has diploma B. End of story, the employer continues the search for the apparently perfect candidate. And thatwhile if you dig a little deeper , this gentleman or lady can have a lot of competences and fits exactly into the picture. So let’s start looking more at people’s competencies, rather than CVs.

Want to Pay So Much to Say It

My advice for 2022: bind and captivate! And if you are looking for a new colleague, adjust your expectations.” So let’s start looking more at people’s competencies, rather than resumes Jan Tjerk Boonstra: The necessity of self-direction Portrait Jan Tjerk BoonstraJan Tjerk Boonstra is Principal consultant and proposition manager Strategic HRM at Human Capital Group. He has more than 30 years of experience Uganda Phone Number as an HRM advisor and is, among other things, a teacher at the HR Academy and a member of the editorial board of HR Strategy. “The fact that the world is undergoing rapid change has become an open door. But what does that do to all of us?  The organization of work has become more complex because we (hybrid) work at different times, places and ways and in multiple teams.


So Much to Say It

This has partly resulted in organizations becoming flatter and requiring less overhead in the form of managers and rules.” From leadership to empowerment “However, that means that we have to ‘rethink’ together. Those self-employed people should also be able to take matters into their own hands. They must be allowed to take their own direction (self-leadership) and that means that they must not have ‘managers’ who lead. Self-employed workers should take the lead themselves and together and/or ask if they need it. And what they need from executives is rarely instruction and above all attention, appreciation and facilities.  For HR professionals it therefore also means rethinking .

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