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I know from experience that it often works well to make someone Russia Phone Number List responsible for conflict. In many cases, it is the leader who occasionally throws the bat into the henhouse. Then make sure that everyone also knows that this person is deliberately playing ‘devil’s advocate’. Communicate very clearly afterwards that conflict is positive for team Russia Phone Number List performance. You prevent team members from experiencing both the situation and him or her They Had Seen The Message negatively. 3. Commitment Commitment follows after the conflict has started and people feel heard. Team members are then more inclined to cooperate in the chosen path.

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Commitment is achieved through two aspects: Clarity about Russia Phone Number the decision . Without assumptions and ambiguity. Buy in . Team members want their ideas heard, understood and considered. If their ideas aren’t implemented, they want transparency about why Russia Phone Number List something else was chosen. As a leader, do you want to check whether the team agrees with the decisions made? Then write the agreements on a whiteboard 5 minutes before the end of the meeting. It is a hard requirement that all attendees communicate the decisions to their own team. If an attendee has no commitment, this person will immediately voice his or her concerns.

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Responsibility Only when trust, conflict and commitment have been Russia Phone Number List achieved can you remove this most common frustration: a mutual sense of responsibility. As an organization you want to move towards a situation in which a person feels responsible for the agreements he or she has made and dares to address a colleague about agreements made. Your team member is then not Russia Phone Number List afraid to enter into conflict with a colleague, because he or she has the confidence that the colleague knows that he or she only wants to help to make it better. Someone who takes responsibility in his team. Lencioni recommends using The Team Effectiveness Exercise . Important to emphasize in the group: everyone must realize that if you as a team member do not give your colleague feedback, you not only hinder his or her development,

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