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Beyond that, collaborate with independent editors at media brands Cyprus Phone Number List that fit your audience. Focus on the cultural environment of your niche. Editorial-driven marketing. Measure all your content against the yardstick that you have set up as an organization. Your story, the created content, the chosen channel and the conversion all merge. You no longer try to reach Cyprus Phone Number List all channels, but focus on 1 channel and build from there to additional media. Just like influencers do. This way you create an overview and an unambiguous message that connects your audience. Put your PR advisor at the center of the marketing department. And make this person media expert and guardian of the editorial yardstick.

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The channel of the future will go from small to large. From Cyprus Phone Number niche thinking and selective media choice, you build further towards a mass media campaign. You as a brand are the main channel and work together with media and partners who set the right Cyprus Phone Number List tone for your music. The desk of the future is a conductor In the media chaos there is still a need for full service , but that desk era is over. We become small, bring focus and combine specialism with an in- house editorial team. This is the new model according to Muller and Van Kralingen: a proprietary, editorial-driven web environment run by the marketing department that delivers honest storytelling content to partners.

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The content is then forwarded to the own channels where data Cyprus Phone Number List collection takes place. We thus create a content loop . It is crucial here that you compose the orchestra yourself. You as a brand are the main channel and work together with media and partners Cyprus Phone Number List who set the right tone for your music. This creates a new profession: the media creative who seeks and monitors meaning . He/she elaborates the story and shares it from an editor on the chosen channel. The channel becomes leading and no longer following. Your brand has to make an effort to fit here. The game has turned around: the medium has again become the determining factor for the message . Media creative as a new profession – or is this just PR? The article above is a reproduction of the book Mediastorm (affiliate).

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