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Third-line communication is also essential. Those who Macedonia Phone Number List have contact with the customer must always be and remain informed. They are therefore also part of the physical newsroom. It also happens that the discussion moves to offline means of Macedonia Phone Number List communication, such as by telephone. 5. “Never react while feeling an intense emotion” It is tempting to respond directly to comments. However, that is not necessary. With the spokespersons you formulate an unambiguous flow of information from within the organization. This way there is no noise in the communication. 6. Base yourself on facts and collect them in your organization. When involving spokespersons, the facts must be revealed. If you slack off on this, sooner or later things will go wrong. Don’t be quick, but be complete and honest.

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This way others can provide input and help you make better Macedonia Phone Number decisions. So it’s not just about sharing, it’s also about involving others in your work. You used to do that by looking over each other’s shoulders; now you do that on a digital collaboration platform. Now I hear a number of people think: isn’t that possible with group e-mail? This is also asynchronous, but an Macedonia Phone Number List overview and transparency of content, chronology and participants are completely lacking. This video is undoubtedly painfully recognizable for everyone. It’s no coincidence that we no longer email with friends and family. It is essential that you do not spread the WOL across all kinds of platforms and apps.

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Therefore, publish a joint statement that is tailored to your Macedonia Phone Number List target group. Therefore differs per social media channel. 10. Tell us what you do with it as an organization Specific: what do you do with the ‘criticism provided’? In our case, the textbook was removed from the curriculum. In addition, the student who rang the bell was approached to think about the Macedonia Phone Number List elaboration in a special working group. And what next? Within the university of applied sciences we have seized the subject with both hands. She is now part of the working group to solve it. In addition, the book is no longer included in our education. In short: never waste a good crisis (in communication) .

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