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Your sales are a third of what they could potentially be. It’s worth the effort to answer as many questions as you can, because a significant percentage of cart abandoners can still be convinced to complete their purchase. Maybe they can be persuaded with a discount or free shipping offer, or maybe they never wanted to leave but their computer crashed. A simple and effective way to reduce abandoned carts? A recall campaign to convince your customers to complete their purchases.

So go ahead and craft a good email that will entice the customer to come back for their cart. You can do this directly in Shopify admin or from the following recommended app. Here is an China WhatsApp Number List of an effective abandoned cart email: Our friends at Black Milk Clothing don’t underestimate the use of a cute little dog, adding a bold subject line to it to try and get your customers to come back and complete their purchase. This is an app to return some customers who abandoned their carts:

Abandon Aid Abandon Aid Allows

you to send a note to your customers who abandoned their carts to remind them of their order and ask them if they would like to complete their purchase. It’s simple and automatic: You don’t need a manual. 4. Have a virtual store on Facebook We have talked about Instagram. It’s time to talk about Facebook, another great platform for social media marketing. As you can see in the following infographic from Shopify on social media marketing, Facebook takes the throne, becoming the king of sharing orders for your social media marketing strategy. Guess what?

China WhatsApp Number List

Facebook is not only an excellent means of traffic. You can also sell directly on Facebook with a Facebook Store. It’s easy to sign up, and a great channel to make sales. Even better, it integrates directly with your Shopify online store, so you don’t have to separate inventory change tracking. Make it much easier for your customers to reach you in the world of the largest social media platforms. Here is an example of a virtual store on Facebook, or Facebook Store:

Take A Look At The Southern Swim Facebook Store

Next, an app that integrates your online store with Facebook: Facebook Store Facebook Store is an app developed by Shopify that allows you to display and sell your products directly on your Facebook page. Customers can share your favorite products with their friends. An interesting feature: Like-gating, which allows only users who have “Like” your Facebook page to access your store. 5.

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