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Perspective Of course I have no idea whether these numbers Japan Phone Number List justify these rewards. But the great thing is that we suddenly have a common goal and perspective again. The money that comes in is immediately put back into the economy. Because the most Japan Phone Number List heard around me is the desire to drink a delicious beer on the terrace. Of course I hope that the government will finally use this knowledge that has been available for decades. Then we don’t always have to guess what the Dutch think or which group is disadvantaged again. And we can start This Activity And Sentiment stimulating the desired behaviour. And we can use that to tackle the next challenge right away.

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Because there is still a barrier to overcome with the current Japan Phone Number vaccination wappies.  Research by the University of Antwerp A study published last week by UAntwerp . Into the attitude of Japan Phone Number List our neighbors below with regard to vaccinations, probably provides a picture. The corona vaccines are now coming quickly. Belgium wants to start the vaccination campaign on 5 January. In the past, the willingness to vaccinate in Flanders was always high. But yes, now is a time when every opinion counts. The COVID vaccine will be free, but not mandatory. What is the Flemish attitude towards this vaccination? Which factors have an impact?

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To find out the answer to these and other questions, UAntwerp. In collaboration Japan Phone Number List with research agency Bilendi. Asked 1200 Flemish people about the corona vaccines at the end of November. The research was conducted by communication scientists Dr Simone Krouwer , Prof Karolien Poels and Prof Heidi Vandebosch . Greet Hendrickx and Pierre Van Damme of the Japan Phone Number List Center for the Evaluation of Vaccinations also cooperated. For the main results: see the full article, but I’ll take two of them. Of the participants.

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