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If you promise more than you  deliver and the consumer realizes thigh . You have an acute credibility problem. It may seem obvious that you don’t promise more than you can deliver. But China Phone Number many companies cross borders. There are also Gray areas that you need to be honest about. Think of Hunker , which has recently become discredit in Germany . But the sustainability claims of multinationals also sometimes leave something to be desire, according to a study by China Phone Number the NewClimate Institute and Carbon Market Watch . Be aware of the image gap in sustainability communication . The moment your communication about sustainability is too progressive or deviate too far from the existing image that consumers have of you, you run the risk that the message is seen as greenwashing. This while the message may be correct. So it is China Phone Number sometimes better to dose the message.

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About the respondents 39% is between 18 and 34 years, 49% between 35 and 54 and 12% is 55 years or older. With regard to China Phone Number the roles: 52% are marketing and communication employees, 16% director and 14% marketer. 7% are social media marketer, 7% content employee, 5% ‘other’. The respondents China Phone Number are nicely distribut across the various sectors, with the exceptions being communication and business services. In terms of responsibility, 56% say they are ultimately responsible for social media activities China Phone Number and results. 38% is co-responsible.

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Hell yes! 40% works on the basis China Phone Number of an annual strategy. And 20% view it every six months. Market research Frank watching and Aftereffect on the use of a social media strategy. Business social media at the forefront LinkedIn is most often us for communication and China Phone Number marketing purposes (92%), followed by Facebook (86%) and Instagram (84%). TikTok (7%) and Snapchat (2%) are hardly us. Incidentally, these channels are often used by organizations where younger marketing communication professionals work, in the 18-34 age group. Outcome of China Phone Number social media benchmark study: business use.

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