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There is no reason for civil servants and managers not to absorb Italy Phone Number List this knowledge about behavioral change. We influence each other every day, so why not knowledgeable? 3. The execution A third reason is implementation. You do need a good reward system that is widely accepted. In the Netherlands you will soon have the privacy police against you. They will claim that Italy Phone Number List you should never sacrifice it for a state lottery ticket. The funny This Immediately Tilts  thing is, we do it for a lot less when it suits us. And that we wouldn’t give anything to protect our privacy. For example, a study by a colleague of mine at the UvA showed that people thought 30 seconds too much time to arrange their privacy.

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So that objection can also be dismissed. All together on the corona Italy Phone Number So now it’s up to politicians or to us citizens to ensure that we are rewarded for sticking to the rules (it helps, by the way, if we see that people who don’t are punished). So go, everyone who wants Italy Phone Number List to win a million. Use the corona app , turn on your location settings, and for every week that you follow the rules, you get a whole state lottery ticket. The app must contain a movement tracker. It can signal whether someone (with COVID-19) is nearby. To make it a bit attractive I’d spend a billion for it. That’s peanuts if we get the numbers down and everyone can go outside again.

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Then we can welcome 1000 corona millionaires: citizens who followed Italy Phone Number List the rules. Were finally rewarded for it. Then we can make the Netherlands great again! Variations are of course possible: we do not give all Dutch people who download the app a state Italy Phone Number List lottery ticket, but a dependent group reward, for example: With an R of 0.9, and 5000 infections, 100 hospitalizations and 20 IC per day: 100 euros and the parks and libraries open again. At an R of 0.7, 3500 infections, 75 hospitalizations and 10 IC per day: 500 euros and the contact professions open. Or at an R of 0.5, 1500 infections, 25 hospitalizations and 0 IC per day: 1000 euros and the catering industry open (and a short vacation).

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