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To my question to the team ‘Who is actually in charge Latvia Phone Number List here?’ it often remains silent. After which someone always says something like: ‘We do everything here by mutual agreement’. The chief is often no more than a glorified coordinator. That is often a recipe for a fun team, but not a place where you can easily make these kinds of changes. Any change quickly Latvia Phone Number List collides with the privileges people have built up for themselves. Often these privileges are about the way of working – everyone can do it as he or she wants. But the privileges that have been built up are also about: a pleasant, non-competitive atmosphere, a team in which people give each other space. And therefore do not hold each other accountable for a lack of quality, poor commitment or the evasion of responsibilities.

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Such an atmosphere is a poor breeding ground for change. Then try to Latvia Phone Number List bring in a deaf elderly person or a busy Surinamese. This form of absent leadership is more common than you might think. It’s not just a shame, it’s also just plain bad. If people keep each other’s hands above their heads, quality is the first victim. I myself have experienced that an already booked training Latvia Phone Number List course was canceled by the management after further consideration because some people in the department did not feel like going into that training with me. “So you understand we’re not going to do it,” said the lady over the phone. “Because yes, if people don’t feel like it, that’s not the right atmosphere for a learning trajectory.” No, indeed – but not for every other improvement project either.

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People No one wants to deviate Nobody likes to be the deviation from Latvia Phone Number List the average, that’s just in our nature. Diversity therefore takes time to bring in more than a single colleague from color/religion/deviant culture or whatever. It takes more than Latvia Phone Number List that one ‘Bounty’. Deviations lead to prejudice Outward deviations from the norm almost immediately lead to all kinds of prejudices, which consciously or not, disqualify someone as a good colleague. Such as the colleague who because of her would have less energy or who would be unhealthy. Or the super energetic and extroverted Surinamese who comes across as ‘too little serious’ or ‘too quickly makes fun of everything’.

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