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Let’s look at the whole picture, because Derksen is a much more Malta Phone Number List well-known brand (score 5.6 on a 7-point scale) than Akwasi (score 4.0) and also evokes significantly more associations (4.4 on average per respondent) on than Akwasi (3.5 on average). Based on our own research, we can state that both are strong brands: they evoke as many or more associations than our benchmark, see box. How many associations does a strong brand have? And what are strong associations? Little Malta Phone Number List scientific research has been done into the number of associations that brands evoke. From our own research since 2003, in which we examined hundreds of brands, we arrive at an overall average of 3.4. Because our brain is programmed to store associations

Have Human Qualities

Make sure there is a central place online where everyone can see Malta Phone Number what others are doing, within teams but also throughout the organization. This prevents duplication of work, you immediately get newcomers up to speed and you ensure knowledge sharing and involvement. That should sound like music to the ears of managers, but in practice you really have to include and support Malta Phone Number List them in this. Make them especially aware of the dangers of letting everything take its course: inefficiency, silo formation, burn-outs, turnover, stalling innovation, apathy.

Social Psychologist Susan

Malta Phone Number List

Let’s see what the first association is that comes to mind with these celebrities, see figure 1. Figure 1. First association that arises with Johan Derksen and Akwasi. Figure 1. First association that arises with Johan Derksen and Akwasi.  At Akwasi, the proportion of associations linked to discrimination is much stronger. And we see that part of the Netherlands does not know him. You don’t immediately need new technology: Workplace or soon Viva offer many possibilities, but you can start fine in Teams.


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