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Ricardo Salinas enters the conversation generated on social networks and declares the following. “All that was missing was that now . The blindness of the people is also my fault and that I have to please everyone with my App.  Don’t be an asshole that if there are ways to enter with username and password”.

To finish, the affected person responded with a last comment. Which the following can be read: “Well, you don’t even know what you offer. Obviously, it is something new. And I imagine that your workers have not warned you.  But now the biometric data that is requested in . The branch is requested when you want to enter a new device for the first time”.

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On Twitter, they have Benin phone number for the most insufferable character on social networks. The 2021 are nominated and chosen by the Twitter community. During the last month of the year it is common to make counts and recounts of the best . And why it happened in the year.

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Social networks have the ability to make or break reputations in a matter of hours. Social networks offer an unparalleled number of unique moments.  Those that bring popularity to totally unknown people or completely disappear the public life of anyone. However, social networks are creators of a unique particularity. Which adds irony, sarcasm, life, ignorance.  Ignorance and evidence of the privileges with which some manage their lives.

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Thanks to these beings that abound within social networks.  It is that the active community within Twitter has generated a contest where.  Internet users can nominate and vote for the “sucker” of the year. That person who in social networks earned ridicule and even contempt from a certain part of the population for their way of acting or demonstrating an idea.

The Mamawards 2021 on . Twitter As is customary during the month that announces the end of the year. Within the different media, web pages and therefore social networks. A recount is made of everything that happened during the year.  Of the achievements or failure as well as the good and bad deeds.

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