To Appease The Crisis Of Credibility

Them that they will fulfill their promise, will give force to their message and will strengthen the confidence of their consumers. My recommendations and conclusions: 1. Disseminate the bases of the contest in a more didactic way It is important to make the rules of the contest clear, all the more so in the midst of a controversy, a good infographic, accompanied by a hashtag clarifying the rules of the game, sets precedents for consumers. It is not enough to just answer users who ask, with a simple link to a page full of texts, we must seek to be more proactive and creative.

Promote a positive hashtag and be more proactive on all social networks From the beginning, the campaign had to promote some positive hashtag, which evokes the brand and the spirit of the campaign, and be more proactive on Thailand WhatsApp Number List social networks, not only on Facebook, and with greater intensity at the time of the national team matches. You must not leave the community talking alone, you must always try to listen and actively respond, all the more reason if they are talking about you.

Prepare All Store Personnel To Give

a consistent message in the face of any event Generally, many companies make the mistake of not involving the entire company in marketing communications, we have seen several cases of campaigns that involved various areas of the company that had no idea of ​​the mechanics or the conditions of the campaign and caused frustration among consumers at the moment of truth. Involving all staff, so that they give the correct messages to people’s concerns, is key to the success

Thailand WhatsApp Number List

of any marketing campaign. 4. Have an exit strategy, in case Peru does not reach the final If their intention was really to support. The Peruvian national team 100%, and given the media press they have generated and the passion that soccer generates. In case Peru does not reach the final, let’s hope they at least reward. Those clients who trusted from the beginning. In his campaign with some sincere reward and according to the circumstances. Something that we must never forget is that the audience on social networks will ultimately be

The Best Thermometer Of Our Reputation

we cannot afford to wait for their reaction, we must anticipate it, and prepare ourselves so that any exposure. Is an opportunity to build relationships of trust. Let’s see what happens! Finally, I leave you with an article tha.  I recently wrote as a result of my participation in a Marketing conference on Online Reputation . Do you want to contribute your ideas to improve the management of a brand’s online reputation?

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