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Of your company to share your content and acquire more potential customers. They also serve to receive instant feedback, which will allow you to analyze and make adjustments to your marketing strategy. So, if you want to increase your web traffic, follow these 8 ways to achieve it: inbound experience 30% Choose the right social networks You must take into account two important factors that influence when choosing social networks : they must be aligned with the goals of your company and they must be the favorite social networks of your buyer personas.

For that, you must carefully analyze who is the person who would buy your product: where they live, their age, their goals, hobbies, their income, among others. Lay out the content Learn from your competition and your customers: take a Malta WhatsApp Number List at the social networks of your competitors and see the content they share, as well as what the public you are targeting is asking for. Depending on the social network you choose, make the most of its qualities by using, for example: hashtags, emoticons, sharing links from your own blog , etc.

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you will have your own dynamic and eye-catching style. When and how to post The moment will depend once again on the public you are addressing and their habits. The best way to find out is through trial and error: publish at various times and analyze which ones give you the best results; According to that, you will know what is the best time to publish and what is the content that your audience prefers. Adapt to social networks Each social network has its own platform, so your messages must adapt to each of these structures.

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Take advantage of the qualities of each medium to post what best suits you. A tip: do not post the same content on all your networks, this can bore your followers. Choose the ideal method Share your content more than once: From time to time your content will become renewable and you can use it again, such as your blog posts. Use hashtags: These are present in most social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Take advantage of hashtags to be found more easily. Join groups or communities

Create And Join Groups Where Your Target Audience

sharing your content there you will get more followers. Include your material on social networks and vice versa: This will help you increase traffic from both sides. Get influencers from your industry: Create articles that may be of interest to them to share your content. the visual content Use images, gifs or videos to add traffic to your website: this will increase user participation significantly, unlike those publications that do not have visual content.

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