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The effect of this way of advertising Senegal Phone Number not been. Yet it is widely again, 3. Shift the advertising budget towards advertising to teach the customer to use the product more economically, or more sustainably Lowers demand for scarce products, reduces the negative effects of less scarce Senegal Phone Number and generates goodwill Can be as insincere 4. Advertise to defend the company from criticism Recognizes shareholders and employees Long-term effect not Senegal Phone Number Scarcity is an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs Product innovation is an opportunity during scarcity.

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Scarcity is not only a threat, but Senegal Phone Number offers opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. High fuel prices make it profitable to switch to more expensive environmentally Senegal Phone Number alternatives. Moreover, a shortage in a market an indication that the of the customer are not being sufficiently met. The marketer will have to discover new possibilities. This can be done from two directions: 1. Adapt existing products to the situation of scarcity Think of products that Senegal Phone Number less energy. Back then, old refrigerators were with new ones that used only 1/3 of the power.

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Insulation material was to make Senegal Phone Number more energy efficient and Volkswagen and Toyota conquered the American market with small fuel-efficient cars. Now we see homeowners installing solar panels at an accelerated pace. And there is a great demand for software systems that Senegal Phone Number you to optimize the energy consumption of buildings and industrial systems. 2. Developing substitutes for scarce products Another way of innovating is to develop alternatives for scarce products. The train as an alternative to the car, vegetable products as an alternative to meat, sweaters Senegal Phone Number the cold, wind and solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. This is not only good for solving the shortages, but also has a positive effect on the climate.

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