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Putting diversity at the heart of content is the next Tunisia Phone Number List step So let’s start there. The media that can switch quickly, such as public magazines, have often already made the covers for people of color in their recent editions. As a symbolic act , perhaps, but better than nothing of course. Easy and opportunistic, you might say. But that’s not where I want to go. Showing people Tunisia Phone Number List of color is one thing. A Muslim woman as a spokesperson in a community where quite a few Muslims live. Of course, because a condition for success. ‘ Mirroring ‘ is an essential part of human interaction. Making human diversity physical. Showing it as part of your strategy is therefore still possible. But do you want to focus on that same diversity when designing and creating content?

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That is the next and much more difficult step. It’s about Tunisia Phone Number diversity in breadth Behind the scenes of an organization. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about diversity in breadth. Not just about skin color, that is, but also about the other things I mentioned above. Do you have Tunisia Phone Number List people in your team who really click with the group of less educated clients or citizens? One-on-one, not in a group?

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And who are therefore not so likely to express a question or Tunisia Phone Number List complaint of their own accord? With buyers or customers who don’t dare to complain openly. Because they think this is very inappropriate? Collage of different men. We soon fit in the same box The cultural gap between the average communication team and these diverse audiences is often Tunisia Phone Number List large – and that does not help your effectiveness. Teams almost automatically become the monoculture they are, because the members of such a team also ‘mirror’ themselves. You hire people who look like you . Even though these new colleagues may have a different skin color, they often fit in the same box of well-educated, somewhat progressive, urban-oriented, verbally skilled,

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