Values ​​you Offer Your Customers

There have been so many developments in the past two decades Colombia Phone Number List that it was almost impossible to keep up. New devices, new forms of communication, completely new revenue models, new rules, new competitors. All changes that tempt you to move Colombia Phone Number List along and reinvent all kinds of wheels over and over again. While you should make the opposite movement: know what you stand for, who you are and what your raison d’être is. Those are your fixed values, from there you can embrace and color changes (or just let them pass you by). Branding is knowing who you are as an organisation, telling it and letting it be experienced. Be true to your brand, the rest is flexible.

To Generate Income

That’s what branding does for you. Communication is extremely Colombia Phone Number complicated these days. The world has become too big and communication professionals are jumping in all directions to reach their audience. Where the creative ‘big idea’ used to be leading, this is Colombia Phone Number List no longer the case. At the same time, we know more and more about consumers through data. But where do you start to reach your audience? Confidence in the large institutions and companies is declining, power lies with the consumer, who also acts as a producer. This is a storm in our beloved media, marketing, design and communication fields.

From Your Target Groups

Colombia Phone Number List

5 developments leading to the current media chaos In their book Colombia Phone Number List Mediastorm (affiliate), Thijs Muller (director of Havas Media Nederland and chairman of Platform Media Adviesbureaus) and Rogier van Kralingen (founder of media production house Colombia Phone Number List The Whole Story) explain a number of developments that lead to a chaotic search to reach that one consumer. . 1. Decrease in trust The rise of the internet leads to an increase in stress and a decrease in trust. The major institutions, government, business, media and NGOs in particular, are gaining less confidence. As a countermovement we look for the power up close . The local and national news media, together with the SME, are increasing in confidence.

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