Vegetation barriers: Why and how to fight it

Therefore  IN order to make the garden happy. Happy with a large and regular harvest. We need to ensure that fruit trees and bushes. Do not fall on fruit trees and small trees. The reasons for the reduction of wood in the wood are not the same. However there are global factors. That affect the characteristics of the wood. Here are some facts about the example of apple trees. And bar on plants The causes and methods of combating Maria Verbilkova.


Not Enough or Too


Much moisture. To avoid this it is necessary to check the watering method. Times per season. Before the unexpected time of cm inside. Lack of fertilizer You need to do it in the fall. And in the spring, otherwise the tree will start to avoid Italy Phone Number additional evil that will not be saturated. Rain or shine. Due to heavy rains and wind pressure. Wounds and Therefore shoots can be torn. The fruits of the tree are not very related. The presence of parasites fruit, median and diseases: Parkas, rust. If pearls or apples fall, you need to take the following measures.

Mulch the Soil in the


Italy Phone Number


Pay attention to the method of watering: 5-8 buckets of water for 10 liters for 3-5 year old trees and 10-12 buckets for 6-9 year old plants. The moisture content of the soil must be distributed with a special stick if the soil is there, it means that there is no Therefore moisture, you need more and more water.
The tree needs to be treated with UR Ea. solution in the Therefore amount of 2 spoons per 10 liters of water, spraying all the trees in barrels per leaf. Therefore One liter of the solution is divided into 10 liters of water and poured under the tree. Prevents diseases and parasites. For this purpose. It is possible, such as hours Or sorrow for agricultural preparation. You can prevent the appearance of insects with the belt, collect the pandalids and pull the soil around the tree, as well as burn the remains of plants that do not think in time.

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