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However. Because google’s crawlers are far more technical and reaching than the average user (who will only encounter 404 errors via site navigation or search results).  You may find a handful of 404 errors for pages that will never be encountered by an average visitor.

For example.  Hidden links may be crawlable Denmark Phone Number yet invisible to an average user. In these situations.  It’s still a good idea to rectify the error—remember.  Your goal is to please both your user base and google search crawlers.

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Fixing a technical issue sometimes.  A page may Denmark Phone Number be down merely due to a technical issue. For example.  If your blog is hosted separately.  A server problem could easily cause a 404 error to display for your visitors. If this is the case. 

And the problem url should theoretically be live and accessible.  You’ll have to perform a root cause analysis to track down the source of the problem and correct it. However.  Most of the time.  A 404 error is the result of changing a url or deleting an old page. Creating redirects if the 404 error in question is an old webpage that you’ve long since deleted.  Or if it’s the old url for a page that you’ve updated. 

The best way to correct the error is to create a redirect. Redirects tell users and web crawlers that the url they’re trying to access is not directly valid.  But instead should lead to a different page. This happens automatically on both fronts.  So you never have to worry about either party coming face to face with a 404. There are a few ways to do this.  But the best way is with 301 redirects. Google has a helpful guide for developers trying to create their own redirects.  But i’ll cover the basics here.

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Essentially.  You’ll be reaching out to your hosting provider to create the necessary structures and traffic flows—for example.  On apache.  You’ll be accessing your server’s .htaccess file. Prioritizing 404 errors before you start to panic after finding a 404 error.  It’s important to recognize that not all 404 errors are created equally.  And not all of them are absolute emergencies.

For example.  If you have a hidden link that’s coming up as a 404 for a web crawler.  But will probably never be encountered by a rogue user.  You can afford to take your time in correcting the error. You might see a slight hit in your domain authority.  But most sites have occasional (and small) 404 errors.  So it shouldn’t interfere with your search visibility too much.

If your home page is appearing as a 404 error.  Or any other major page of your site.  You need to take corrective action immediately. Such an error could instantly damage your reputation and cost you long-term customers as a result. As a general rule.  The more visible the page with the 404 error is.

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