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Haneda Iron Works Land: Collective cooperation to acquire land for relocation Many manufacturers located in the industrial zone of the Keihin Industrial Zone were originally small and medium-sized business owners located in the city. Since 1965, they have relocated with the assistance of the Pollution Prevention Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency), mainly due to the frequent occurrence of pollution incidents in the 1960s. In addition, rapid urbanization has made the production environment face difficult challenges, such as residents’ protests against noise, and local governments restricting large vehicles from entering and leaving densely populated residential areas. However, for these manufacturers, relocation is not necessarily a bad thing.

Toyo Nakano Director of the Office equivalent to Secretary-General

Of the Haneda Railway Corporation Kuwait Phone Number (equivalent to the Manufacturers’ Association), recalled: “At that time, Japan was in a period of high economic growth, and orders could not be filled at all. If small and medium-sized enterprises had to deal with the surrounding residents.

I feel that it is impossible to complete the order at all.” So the synergy group approached the local government for the design of an industrial zone, introduced the concept of environmental engineering through the business group, applied for a low-interest, long-term loan, and started the relocation. These actions not only create the possibility of industrial development, but also greatly reduce the impact on the ecological environment and agricultural development environment.

Earth Citizens Foundation Operation in the Haneda Railway

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The picture on the left is Professor  Akira Morishima, and the picture on the right is Mr. Tadano Terao The process of organizing manufacturers requires a lot of effort. Take Haneda Railway Industrial Park (Haneda Iron Industrial Park) as an example. Most of the earliest manufacturers here were iron manufacturers from Ota Ward, Tokyo, mainly due to noise, vibration, etc. The problem of environmental pollution has prompted the Tokyo Metropolitan.

Government to have a plan to relocate, and the industry has a clear motive for relocating the factory. However, in practical implementation, the government still has to face the problem that the government lacks experience in dealing with the relocation of small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the allocation of public facilities and the actual obligations of individual manufacturers. Toyo Nakano said, “The Haneda Railway Corporation is a new land in Haipu.

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