What Are the Main Doubts When Creating a Buyer Persona?

By following the five steps listed above, you may have some questions regarding. This process and even the specific conditions of your business.

With that in mind, we answer some of the most common questions. Our marketing team has received and that we have already. Seen discussed on the internet. Check them out below!

Can you create more than one buyer persona?
When collecting data, it is possible that there is more than one predominant. Profile among customers, leading to the creation of more than. One buyer persona. No problem with that, most companies actually have more than one.

However, the advice is not to overdo it, especially if you are just starting out. Having too many buyer personas can divert attention from. Your strategies and content.

Therefore, only have more than one buyer persona if you realize. That the differences between them are decisive for strategies. Content and approaches.

How to create personas for B2B companies?

When it comes to b2b companies , customers are companies. So the question remains: should persona be a description of a person or a company?

The buyer person will always be an individual. After all, the Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists customer may be a company, but it is the individuals. Who make decisions, seek solutions, and use products. So, research should be done with them.

In the case of b2b companies, it is important to identify. Who your buyer persona is within the hierarchical structure, for example:

The analyst;
The business owner .
Understand who makes the decisions and who plays the role of influencer. Buyer so you can direct your strategies towards them.

How to create a buyer persona without customers?

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

If buyer personas are based on customer data, how do you conduct research. If the company doesn’t have customers yet or is launching a new product? Good question!

In such cases, there are other research methods you can use to better understand. The audience that engages with your brand and who would be an ideal customer.

These are the main solutions:

Market research (with respondents who fit your target audience);
Research with your contact base;
Google analytics analysis (if the company already has a website or blog );
Competitor analysis;
A combination of these methods allows you to extract reliable data. To build your buyer persona. They can also be used to supplement data collection with customers, if you already have one.

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