What Are the Possible Causes of a Low Conversion Rate?

Is your conversion rate lower than expected? Very possibly you are not looking. At some key factors of your web pages. Some of them are even considered irrelevant by many entrepreneurs.

Identifying these critical points will help you optimize your growth strategies more efficiently.

Below, we list the most common mistakes. Made by companies that are performing less than they would like.

Take the opportunity to analyze if you follow the same path. And make adjustments to your conversion actions in time.

The website is not responsive

Even the best of web pages can have compromised conversions. If they are not adapted for other devices, such as tablets and mobile phones.

Currently, people spend more time connected via smartphone than. Similarly, Through a computer. If you go to a restaurant and look. Similarly, Around, surely at least one person will be with the cell phone in his hand.

This behavior became so common that, in fact, it became the main. Form of internet access for most people, which is proven by. The Communication Directors Email Lists fact that more than half of google searches are done from mobile devices. Mobile.

Responsiveness allows your pages to be viewed from. Any type of resolution , without distortions.

Basically, what it does is adjust the size of images, fonts, and other elements. So that the user experience doesn’t end up being affected.

The value proposition is not clear

Communication Directors Email Lists

A value proposition establishes the competitive differential of a business against the competition.

Despite its importance to sales success, many entrepreneurs . Do not clearly define the concept or include it in the information. On their website. Which translates into lost business opportunities.

For potential customers, the value proposition acts as a quick guide to the company. Showing what the business does, who its product or. Service is for, and how it can be the best option for their customer problems. The users.

You can display it on your web pages from sections with:

Success stories of your clients;
Infographics with statistics on the value of your offer;
Ebooks that educate the market about what you offer;
Among other.

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