What is Deep Keyword Research?

As I said before, choosing the most feasible keywords for a Content Marketing strategy is essential for success.

In the end, it makes no sense to invest time, effort and resources to reach the top of Google on pages that do not allow us to attract qualified organic traffic for our sales processes in the Inbound methodology .

In addition, being in the Top 3 of Google allows you to generate technical authority in the market. So if we are a Digital Marketing company, why should we be in the first place for a keyword like “amusement parks in Guadalajara”? With our knowledge of SEO we could do it, but it would be a massive waste of time and energy.

And then, how to choose the best terms for a strategy?

I tell you two factors that we always take into account:

Balance between Head Tails and Long Tails
According to data collected by Brian Dean (Backlinko), 75% of clicks from a SERP on Google are earned by the first three results on the page.

Taking this into account, it would be great to Engineering Directors Email Lists rank in the TOP 3 for highly requested keywords such as “Marketing”, “Advertising” or “Sales”, right? Nobody could complain about such a result.

But as you can imagine there are too many websites trying to compete for those terms, which makes it super difficult to conquer them, although not impossible.

These big guys are known as head tails, which are highly competitive and low spec. Someone searching for “Sales” may want to find a lot of factors related to the topic, it’s not so easy to identify their intent first.

Instead there is another category of terms, which have lower search volume but indicate a higher user rating. We call these ” long tails “.

For example, the keyword

Engineering Directors Email Lists

“Hire Content Marketing Strategy” has 20 monthly searches in Mexico, so it would not bring us a massive amount of traffic.

But it is quite convenient for us to be in the first position for the term, so we take it into account to produce content.

That is why in our experience the balance between these two types of terms has worked well. Our Marketing content is in the first position in Mexico for this keyword, as you can see:

And the traffic that it generated for us in February is very significant, since it receives more than 40 thousand monthly searches in the country:

On the other hand, the keyword “Interactive Marketing” has only 320 Google searches in Mexico, as reported by the SEMRush tool.

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