What is the Difference Between Persona and Target Audience?

If you work with marketing you are probably used to working with the concept of target audience in your campaigns. But now, it is the buyer personas that are becoming popular.

But after all, aren’t they the same? No, the buyer persona and the target audience are different !

The target audience emerged in the context of Marketing 2.0, when brands began to place the consumer at the center of strategies.

Instead of creating campaigns for a large number of consumers,

They began to segment markets by age, location, gender, income, education, interests, among others. In addition to psychological and behavioral characteristics .

The target audience, therefore, is the definition of a segment of people with common characteristics that the brand chooses to target its campaigns and ads.

For example, we could describe the target audience for a university entrance exam course campaign:

High school students, between 16 and 20 years old, who live in Bogotá, with a family income between U$D 1,000.00 and U$D 3,000.00. They are in the VP Administration Email Lists transition phase from school to university, seeking greater independence from parents.

Keep in mind that there are several differences between target audiences and buyer personas. The main difference is that the target audience is a more generic definition of consumers, while buyer personas create a character with a well-defined identity.

It’s a leap in quality to create strategies for one person instead of a generic group!

It is much easier to talk with Diego López, a person who knows who he is and how your company can help him:

Professional profile: Marketing manager, post graduate in Digital Marketing;

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Personal life and hobbies: Married, he likes to spend his free time with his family. He likes to go to jazz shows and spends much of his free time on social media;
Objectives: You want your company to achieve specific results and make your name known in the market;
Problems: Has a retrograde mentality boss, limited to Outbound only.
Summarizing the comparison:

Target audiences
broad definition;
doesn’t talk about habits;
does not refer to someone specific;
people who may want your product;
Buyer Person
specific definition;
details about habits and work;
single character;
ideal consumer;
But buyer personas did not come to replace the target audience: these two tools can be used together in marketing.

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