What Makes Customer Engagement So Important in the Current Context?

If you have read this far, you already know that customer engagement is synonymous with captive audiences and brand ambassadors , which in turn contribute to expanding the client portfolio and greater profitability.

In addition to this, generating solid connections with customers allows each one to have a high lifetime value (ltv) , an indicator that refers to the liquid profit generated by a consumer as part of their life cycle within a company.

But, beyond this, why is it so important to take this concept into account in today’s world?

The answer to this question lies in people.

And it is that this interconnected era, with a wide range of goods and services and easy access to information , has empowered users, who no longer focus almost all their attention on the quality of products and their prices.

We must understand that we enter a new dimension! Today’s customer wants and needs added value and many of these values ​​are directly related to Sales Directors Email Lists solid, sustainable and long-lasting relationships.

For example, 63% of consumers and users globally prefer to maintain business relationships with companies that share and promote their values, while 65% recognize that their purchases are influenced by the words used by companies and the actions they take. Their leaders .

On the other hand, 59% of consumers are willing to

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Share personal data in exchange for more personalized products, services and experiences.

This tells us that a large part of today’s users want close and sustainable business processes that foster long-lasting, friendly relationships based on mutual commitment , that is, the basic “Ingredients” of engagement.

Therefore, constantly monitoring this metric is very important to determine the effectiveness of business strategies and the viability of the business itself.

In addition, it is key to promote actions and projects that increase customer engagement.

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