What Software Can Improve Customer Engagement?

There is a wide variety of software that helps boost Customer Engagement, including:

This customizable messaging app can help you optimize customer relationships by providing a more personal and up-close experience.

Among other things, this solution offers conversational bots that direct messages and generate immediate responses to users.

It also provides the ability for customers to view different aspects of their interaction and experience with the company, such as orders, invoices, and messages.

Dynamics 365
This software will give your company a “suite” in the cloud that integrates functionalities of ERP systems and customer relationship managers ( CRM ).

In addition, it has a predictive intelligence and analysis module, which will allow you to make the most of your users’ data and personalize the experience.

This software is ideal for companies in the technology industry, since it helps to know how users use products and solutions and, therefore, to identify critical variables of the experience.

In general, this tool automates the customer experience during the different points of contact.

This solution specializes in personalizing the experience based on customer responses in conversational interface encounters, both web and mobile.

Examples of success in actions and strategies of Customer Engagement

There are many companies that have based much of their success on actions to promote Customer Engagement. Among the cases of successes and effective strategies are:

Netflix personalization and proactivity
Netflix, the “giant” of streaming, is one of those organizations that can give us many lessons on Customer Engagement actions and strategies.

One of its greatest successes has been taking data on what its customers want and need to Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists then offer relevant content, creating a close and personalized experience.

Also, Netflix constantly tests new features of its platform, identifying what really connects with users.

Amazon and the philosophy of customer orientation

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists
Amazon has established itself as the benchmark for ecommerce , especially in the retail field, thanks to its customer-oriented philosophy, which promotes Customer Engagement .

A faithful reflection that the customer is at the center of its marketing strategies and processes was the birth of Amazon Prime, a premium subscription that allows you to improve classic characteristics of interaction with this brand , such as the reduction of delivery days, for instance.

Starbucks and the power of customer engagement
The client commits to a brand when he perceives that it has been committed to him first, demonstrating that it really is important.

This was done very well by Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee company, through the Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room initiative , which allows customers to converse with specialists in this field and receive valuable information, while enjoying this popular drink.

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