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To leave your store, you can schedule a special offer to offer. For example, discounts or free shipping. You can also track how successful these offers have been, plus it gives you the opportunity to test out the different messages you want to get across. 9. Generate more opinions of a product According to Internet Retail magazine, you can increase your eCommerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. Why? For two reasons: First of all, product reviews are a way to testify. See immediately what people are saying about the product you are considering purchasing.

Second, SEO: Having comments increases the amount of content on a page and the likelihood that you will have a keyword pair. For both reasons, adding comments increases sales. Here is an example of a store that integrates comments: Raw Generation actively solicits Croatia WhatsApp Number List from its visitors. It has a page dedicated to them , and there are currently 575 customers who have submitted comments on its products. Here is an app to generate product reviews: Product Reviews Product Reviews is a free app designed by Shopify that offers an easy way to add reviews to your store.

It Is Fully Customizable And Includes

customizable theme layouts. 10. Improve your banner ads Are you experimenting with your advertising spend? You should regularly try small variations on your offers to find with the keywords to find a good market niche. One of the best ways to attract visitors is by using Google AdWords to launch your store and show up on Google when people search for these keywords. After Google advertising, try Facebook advertising. Consider that Robert Nava of National Parks Depot spent $60 and went on to get close to $1,000 in sales on the first day.

Croatia WhatsApp Number List

We’re not saying its success is easily replicated, but Facebook advertising is not something you should overlook. Play around to see what kind of ads work. Here is an app to improve your ad spend: propelled PropelAd allows you to find people on Facebook who are similar to your past customers and then reach them with ads. Advertising investment is difficult, and PropelAd tries to direct the right people to your store as soon as possible. Instead of a flat fee, it charges 10% of Facebook ad spend. 11. Interact with your visitors It’s not just inviting your visitors to sign up for your email newsletter.

There Are Other Ways To Engage

with them in your store. For example, you can direct them to your profiles on social networks. Do you have good and interesting resources on Instagram? Are you actively managing your Facebook page? Make these “follow” buttons more prominent on the front page. Highlight your blog more actively. Every eCommerce store should post regularly, to connect with followers and to rank better in SEO. And also, why not try to offer promotions on your products?

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