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In this way you invite cooperation and you open yourself up New Zealand Phone Number List to be enriched by other arguments. Oh yes, asking for those objections, do that in a round too (and keep your mouth shut when it’s not your turn). In this way you also facilitate ‘room to hear New Zealand Phone Number List the other’ and thus willingness to cooperate. mystical? That ‘worn by everyone’ is very special. That is the moment when you realize that the differences are no longer an obstacle, but an See Which Other Sources  enrichment! It is also the time when you feel connected to each other on a deeper level and together you are strong for your purpose.

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That connection and space for individuality is almost mystical. That is New Zealand Phone Number the place where we want to be, that is a way of working together that is effective and fulfilling. Effective because it saves a lot of hassle, saves a lot of time in the long term and leads to decisions New Zealand Phone Number List that are sustainable, long lasting. Fulfilling because everyone feels heard, because differences are no longer a problem, because we can all be who we are. If people still want their way Nice, you get started right away. and then you notice that it doesn’t work. There are still people who want their way.

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That can happen! Then keep this in mind: ‘if someone still really New Zealand Phone Number List wants his way, he apparently doesn’t feel heard yet.’ The other is no puss, no pain-in-the-ass , no saboteur! The other is someone looking for safety, someone who also likes to feel heard. That other person is also someone who really wants to work together, has good intentions and in the end really doesn’t New Zealand Phone Number List have to get his way. Looking at resistance this way will already remove most of the resistance. Now you can listen to the other, to understand the other. Until you and the other feel heard and you can make a decision that is effective and fulfilling. ‘If you ask ‘why’ three times, you’ll have a good conversation.’ I’ve said it many times.

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