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People who take these medications can go from crying all day to crying in bed to getting up, showering, going back to work, and regaining healthy relationships with the people in their lives. And all because of a subtle adjustment of the neurotransmitter system. Example 5. Hormones Not only neurotransmitters influence our cognition. The same goes for hormones, these invisibly small molecules that run through the bloodstream and cause shock at every port they visit.

If estrogen is inject into a female rat, it will start looking for sex; if testosterone is inject into a male rat, it will become aggressive. We remember the story of wrestler Chris Benoit, who took huge doses of testosterone and kill his wife and son in a fit of hormonal rage. Or it is known that the hormone call vasopressin is relate to fidelity. Another example would be the hormonal fluctuations that accompany normal menstrual cycles.

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Epilepsy The long Belgium phone number of things that influence our mental life goes beyond chemicals; it also includes circuit details. Consider epilepsy. If an epileptic seizure focuses on a specific benign site of the temporal lobe, a person will not have motor attacks, but a kind of cognitive attack, mark by personality changes, (an obsession with religion and a sense of religious certainty),usually religion), the false sense of an external presence, and often hearing voices attribute to God.

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Apparently, some of the prophets, martyrs, and leaders in history suffer from epilepsy of the temporal lobe. Think of Joan of Arc, the sixteen-year-old girl who manage to turn the Hundre Years’ War around because she believe (and convince the French soldiers) that she could hear the voice of the archangel St. Michael, of St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret and St. Gabriel. This is how he describe the experience: “When I was thirteen, I heard the voice of God telling me how to act.

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The first time I was terrifie. The voice came to me at noon: it was summer, and it was in my father’s garden. He later stated, “Since God has command me to go there, I have to go. And since God has command me to do so, even if I had had a hundred fathers and a hundred mothers, and had been the daughter of a king, I would have gone there.

”Although it is impossible to diagnose his words with certainty in retrospect. , the increase in his religiosity and the voices he heard are symptoms consistent with epilepsy of the temporal lobe. When brain activity arises in the right place, people hear voices. If the doctor prescribes an antiepileptic medication, the attacks go away and the voices stop being heard. Our reality depends on our biology. the increase in his religiosity and the voices he heard are symptoms consistent with temporal lobe epilepsy.



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