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That is why the UOC’s Humanities degree aims to specialize in . The study of contexts and diversity through subjects (Anthropology, Philosophy. History and Theory of Art, Political Theory and Sociology, Languages History.  Current World and Globalization, Hypertext Writing, Learning and ICT…). Carrying out activities and practices focused on the use of ICT. And with the intensive use of web 2.0 or social web in the classrooms.

These new means of information and communication provide an ideal context for . The development of skills such as critical thinking, autonomy, initiative. And why the Humanities? At the UOC.  We consider a humanist to be the way a society looks at itself. And the Humanities are the reflected image of a society when viewed in a mirror.

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That is why our C Level Executive List in Humanities is intended to be built on reflection on issues that connect with the present.  That involve us emotionally, and that help us make decisions in this context of uncertainty. Humanities that replace the accumulation and mere dissemination of information.  By the probabilistic interpretation of diversity.  And that train humanists who specialize in the meaning and knowledge that produce meaning.

The model of knowledge we have handled so far.  In both the natural and social sciences.  Was naively cumulative; each new knowledge was supposed to push back the space of the unknown. But with the advancement of knowledge and precisely by virtue of this growth. Ignorance increases in a more than proportional way.

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The knowledge society can be characterized precisely as a society that must learn to manage this ignorance. Therefore, the design of the curriculum and the teaching plan of the various subjects are aimed at preparing the individual for the predominant type of work in the interconnected society of the 21st century, the “work of knowledge”.

Based on skills of well-developed critical analysis. In order to select the information, and in a high degree of creativity.  In order to develop the new knowledge that can suppose a competitive advantage. To achieve this.  We place the student at the center of the teaching-learning process.

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