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How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely.  The creative idea pleased the community manager of 7-eleven. Who did not hesitate to respond to the consumer’s post. “Obviously I liked only one,” said the person in charge of the American brand’s social networks. It is not the first time that this type of gesture has been recorded on social networks with the brands that many customers consume.

From Christmas trees with spheres that show brand logos.  To Christmas pines made with Heineken bottles. When a consumer is happy with a brand.  He will always look for a way to let him know. Such was the case of a user on . Twitter who made two posts showing the step by step in creating a Christmas tree made from containers of the renowned Heineken beer brand,

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Who made a video in a Austria phone number and motivating style.  Worthy of be named as an unpaid advertising strategy towards the brand. Consumer loyalty Consumer loyalty is a very important term for brands in the world. According to data compiled by Invesp. They report that retaining customers can cost up to 5 times less than obtaining new ones.

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The study reveals that 44% of companies focus on acquisition.  And only 18% focus on retention. One of the ways used by brands to retain their customers is through loyalty.  That is why it is very important for a company. Experts argue that customer loyalty consists of retaining earned customers.  Who continue to buy your products or services thanks to the positive experiences they have had with your company.

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For this, a set of satisfactory interactions is necessary.  Which will develop a long-term relationship of trust with the clientele. To this point is added the current use that many consumers give to their social networks to show how happy they feel with a brand or one of its products. That is why customer loyalty has become the path that many companies are following to win over old and new consumers.

The language application joined the trend generated by the recent premiere of the second season of the Netflix series. They launch an invitation to all users named Emily who are in the most famous language application. They give a free month of the premium version in French classes to erase the cliché generated by the Netflix series.


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