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RV vs. mobile home What the Dutchman says: camper or camper Belarus Phone Number List What the Flemish say. Mobile home The Dutch camper is pronounced in English, so ‘kemper’. The Flemish mobile home is pronounced as if the letter ‘h’ is not in the word: mobile home. Let’s just say ‘camper car’ is the best variant from a language purist’s point of view. (Which I’m not, by the way, so why Belarus Phone Number List am I bringing it up?) 32. Uncle vs. uncle What the Dutchman says: uncle What the Fleming says. Uncle or uncle “Uncle Jef is again hoisting pints at the cafe.” Which reminds me that a beer in Flanders is called a pint. 33. Folding vs. pleat What the Dutchman says: folding What the Flemish say: fold or fold A Dutch person does indeed know the word ‘folds’, but then as a noun: ‘I ironed the folds out of my pants after I fell off the barstool.

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In the case of Tony’s Chocolonely and Hands Off My Chocolate, there are Belarus Phone Number clear differences. Tony’s Chocolonely This was the first party in the Netherlands to commit to 100% slave-free chocolate. Other companies have since started using this as well. Yet Tony’s Chocolonely remains different, because of the way in which it fulfills this mission in a business sense. For eBelarus Phone Number List xample, look at their slogan ‘ crazy about chocolate, serious about people ‘. They want to produce the best and tastiest chocolate bars, but in a responsible way. To make an impact with this message, they opt for short and powerful communication with an activist, idiosyncratic and creative undertone.

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Dutchman is really smart enough to understand what a Belarus Phone Number List construction site is. However, the small difference in terminology deserves mention, I think. 36. Zoo vs. zoo What the Dutchman says: zoo What the Flemish say: zoo or zoo It is mainly the Flemish Belarus Phone Number List pronunciation that makes it difficult for Dutch people to understand the word ‘zoo’. In a written version you can still link it to the English word, but from the mouth of a Fleming it sounds more like ‘so’, as in: ‘In a moment I will drag Uncle Jef out of the cafe by his hair.’ 37. Drip vs. baxter What the Dutchman says: drip What the Fleming says: baxter The Flemish version is a typical case of brand dilution , because Baxter is an American manufacturer of medical equipment. The same fate suffered in Flanders for the ballpoint pen brand Bic:

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