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They communicate this in an informative way with an Turkey Phone Number List action-oriented, young and cheeky undertone. The difference in product branding Both brands also distinguish themselves in the design of their chocolate bars. Where Tony’s Chocolonely chooses to divide their bars into unequal pieces. A ‘Hands Off My Chocolate’ bar consists of equal  smaller chocolates. Tony’s Turkey Phone Number List Chocolonely makes a clear reference to the unequal opportunities for cocoa That Increasingly Take Charge farmers in developing countries with its chocolate bar . The bonbons of ‘Hands Off My Chocolate’ bear the word ‘mine’. They indicate that the chocolates are small moments of enjoyment for yourself. So also with their product branding they share what they stand for with their brand.

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Also read Developments in onboarding: don’t forget your permanent Turkey Phone Number employees Hands Off My Chocolate. This brand conveys the message for a better cocoa industry in a completely different way. While this message is very strongly expressed in the communication at Tony’s Chocolonely. You see that this is much less prominent with Hands Off My Chocolate. While Hands Turkey Phone Number List Off My Chocolate is all about producing chocolate that is ‘too delicious to share’, they make a subtle reference to the importance of a responsible cocoa industry. For example, they are affiliated with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and use ‘honest’ chocolate for their bars.

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Not only the shape of the chocolate bar is clearly different, the flavors Turkey Phone Number List also differ. In addition to the ‘normal’ flavours, Tony’s Chocolonely also develops bars such as ‘white raspberry with crackling sugar’, ‘pure with meringue cherry’ and ‘white candy cane cherry’. For Turkey Phone Number List special occasions such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and Easter, they also market bars with gingernut, mulled wine or ginger flavor in the shape of a chocolate letter, Christmas tree or chocolate egg. Hands Off My Chocolate is more conventional in this regard. They opt for traditional chocolate flavors with a twist, such as hazelnut with biscuit pieces or cookie dough with biscuit pieces, red velvet with white chocolate or caramel macchiato.

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