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Fortunately, the days of cumbersome, printed press kits are behind us. Not only is the physical distribution of such a whopper a hassle, keeping it up-to-date is certainly a crime. Fortunately, we Australia Phone Number now have a much better option: digital. Your digital press kit can take two forms: a downloadable file (PDF/zip) or online. Although it can be useful to have your press kit in file form so that you can send it via email, an online environment is preferable because it is easier Australia Phone Number to edit or add information here. Do you still want a PDF? Then consider a Australia Phone Number concise version in which you include the most important parts.

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The possibilities are endless on your Australia Phone Number website. You can go for a slick presentation full of images and effects, a sober summary and everything in between. Whatever you choose, make sure all information is quick and easy to find. That’s the whole idea of ​​a press kit. Share your press kit It should be clear that a solid press kit is an Australia Phone Number important part of a good PR strategy. Are you proud of your own press kit or do you know Australia Phone Number good examples? Let us know in the comments, so we can inspire each other.

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Want to learn more content, copywriting and Australia Phone Number strategies? Then our (super affordable) Annual subscription Online courses (with 55+ online courses) might be something for you. Within 1 hour (or one and a half) your knowledge about a current topic will be brushed up and you decide where and when you watch it. Handy, right? Yes, tell me Australia Phone Number more Good example is good to follow. So show what has been written about your organization before, which prizes you have won and what kind of press releases you send. If your organization has previously Australia Phone Number appeared in the media with great reports or interviews, this is the place to share those publications.

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