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Mailboxes in the long term? Get good Phone Number ideas on the basis of these 5 examples of strong newsletters. 1. Nuud . branding-oriented newsletters Nuud makes deodorant that is not deodorant. Their small tubes (made from sugar cane!) contain a concentrated, odorless cream that you apply under your armpits. Where traditional deodorants mask the smell of sweat, Nuud ensures that the bacteria that cause that smell are Phone Number eliminated.

All very nice, you might think, but what does that have to do with newsletters? Well, the cool thing about Nuud is that they don’t (always) let their mailings be about their product. Of course they sometimes hint at it, but a striking Argentina Phone Number.

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Things marketers never want to Phone Number hear again You will see that you will feel a lot lighter. You might get the inexplicable need to take a walk in the woods. Or to start a conversation in real life .

Or to get started with things that really matter. Making that impact. Which bring you closer to the goals and dreams that you pursue as a person, entrepreneur or Argentina Phone Number professional. Keep moving! Whether you want to learn (use) the latest techniques, apps or gadgets or prefer to keep your knowledge of the Argentina Phone Number more common things up-to-date, it is important to keep developing.

Choose your network

Make sure you choose the right platform for your audience, sector and campaign type. Is it video content you’re creating, a blog article or imagery? The content type will determine the platform as TikTok or Instagram are great for videos while a blog may do better on Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. Find your influencer

Choosing the right influencer is essential and there are several areas to consider:

  • Audience type and quality: Are their followers the ideal target audience you are trying to reach or engage?
  • Preferred social network: What social channels do they use effectively? How are these channels used by your audience?
  • Content quality: Do they create content that aligns with your brand values?
  • Authenticity: Do they appear genuine and believable when they promote products?


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Do you have creative leaders in your team? Please don’t do this Argentina Phone Number Ephemeral content: what is it and how do you apply it? About the author Christiaan Slierendrecht of Digital Growth Author of Management Argentina Phone Number Book bestseller Grow up.

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