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The idea is that you’re spotting a trend likely to be written about over the next few days or weeks, and you’re producing a piece of content journalists can use to add more value to what they plan to write. Your content should be simple, easy to produce, and add unique information to a developing news story. This will often be a piece of data or a simple visualization. Additions To Existing Stories It’s actually fairly common for journalists to update news stories after publication.

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This is particularly common for developing news where more information is gathered and can add to the existing story. You will have opportunities to add value to an existing story that you’ve seen a journalist already write and publish. Now, this can be hard, and you should only do this if the content or comment you have to offer will genuinely add value to the existing story. If not, you’re likely to get a negative response from the journalist. What Results You’re Likely To Drive With Reactive Digital PR As mentioned above, set expectations with this tactic. It won’t always yield the results of a larger, planned hero campaign. But as with most things, it’s hard to predict. Remember that the time and resources you invest should be proportionate to the expected results. If reactive digital PR tasks take you 15 minutes and you only get one link, that’s actually a good return on the time that you’ve spent. You should also keep in mind you’re likely to get a mix of regular links, nofollow links and brand mentions with this type of activity. You can certainly do your best to turn a brand mention into a link, but this isn’t always possible.

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Again, this isn’t a huge issue because it’s perfectly normal and natural to get a mix of results, but set expectations with stakeholders that this is likely to be the case before starting. How To Prepare For Reactive Digital PR Even though reactive digital PR is hard to plan for, you can stack the deck in your favor a few ways so that when the time comes, you have the best possible chance of taking advantage. Available Expert With Opinions Spend time working out who to go to in your business for expert comments on the core topics you want to cover. For smaller businesses, this may just be one person. Larger businesses may have different specialists for different areas. Whichever it is, find out who these people are and introduce them to the idea of what you’d like to do. From here, assuming that they are on board, you can arrange to speak to them directly if comments are needed and communicate the need to get comments quickly where possible.

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