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Don’t commit everything to campaigns that have to be Hong Kong Phone Number List created and paid for months in advance. Act fast and always keep a lot of money in your pocket: quite a bit more than the normal amount of ‘change’ for the small spontaneous things you Hong Kong Phone Number List normally have in your back pocket. I would say: keep at least a third Below You Can See The of your annual budget free until July. Don’t plan beyond a quarter for the things that cost a lot of money and time. Make sure you always have enough money out of your pocket if something happens that you shouldn’t let go. 2. Don’t be afraid Before 2020 we were not afraid of anything. Besides the fear of missing out on anything: FOMO. In 2020 we got scared.

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And then that fear made us especially angry. On each Hong Kong Phone Number other, on politics, or on the conspiracy wappies. On the one and a half meters and what this did to us. Looking back, the year 2020 will be more marked by anger than by concerns about the virus, I think. Fear and anger are bad counselors. Tip: let go of that negative energy. Do not be afraid. Dare to make choices. Stay Hong Kong Phone Number List true to yourself (as in: stay close to your own identity as a company, the DNA of your organization). Don’t pretend to be an inspired world savior or an empathetic friend, if you haven’t been for much longer. In many media expressions, media expressions and campaigns by companies, we see many empathic expressions in recent months, a lot of compassion.

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We will figure it out together’. Big feelings, big gestures. Many Hong Kong Phone Number List parties like to show their best side and benefit from that need for honesty. Be careful with that: people intuitively feel very sharply whether you mean what you say – and whether that message Hong Kong Phone Number List  suits you. Do not let them get to you. Dare with yourself – your own company, Also read: Diversity in communication: this is how we approach it 3. Develop new rituals The transition from work to private life has become very blurry . When we all became ‘zoombies’ in 2020, we lost the ability to make the crossing in automatic rituals from private to business, from company to family, from work to hobby.

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