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A live drink cannot be digitally copied. Digitally you Chile Phone Number options (polls, a chat or a total shot of a room) that you do not have physically. Both options have their own advantages. Also read: SEO for YouTube: 8 tips for strong organic growth 3. Silent content Mobile content isn’t just Chile Phone Number in aspect ratio. The lack of sound also means that organizations have to think about what kind of content they create. In 2016, it was already known that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. The addition of (automatic) subtitles to your online video will Chile Phone Number ensure that this will not be much different in 2022.

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What consequences does Chile Phone Number have? The visual aspect of your online video is even more important and captioning for the spoken parts is a must . If you want to keep those sentences clear, the sentences must be short and concise, and support the visual part of your video. In that Chile Phone Number we go back to the years of Charlie Chaplin: ‘stupid’ videos are not that crazy after all. Tip : Do not rely on the automatically generated texts from YouTube or Google for subtitling your online videos. Always read them and adjust them where necessary. This can simply be done in the YouTube interface. It’s embarrassing, annoying and therefore bad for your organization if audio and Chile Phone Number in your video don’t match.

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Laptop on which a video is. Think Chile Phone Number too Google rates sites on how well they answer a question from visitors. People are increasingly looking for their answers in videos. As YouTube is the Chile Phone Number most used search engine after. Google  according to Search Engine Journal , among others. Although Google does not just expose its algorithms, it therefore seems logical that Google attaches more and more value to the presence of relevant videos. In other words, Google probably likes websites better if it has video content that helps visitors, and will rank Chile Phone Number sites higher. Providing your videos with the correct meta-data is therefore important, and that data must match the source code of the website.

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