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There are 1 million LGBT people in the Netherlands , the majority of South Korea Phone Number List whom. Actually see themselves as members of that community. This group has a roughly estimated discretionary purchasing power of more than €10 billion. The absence of children South Korea Phone Number List in more than 80% of households results in more time. Much more disposable income. These consumers also have stronger brand loyalty. Once you convince them of your good You Immediately See  intentions, they are more likely to consider repeat purchases. Image of the PFLAG brand.Even more important, however, is the so-called PFLAG 4 effect .

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This concerns the allies , family and friends, aided by the South Korea Phone Number millennials, who are growing up as a tolerant generation. This way you will soon find yourself in a group and purchasing power that is many times greater. In a 2014 Google Consumer Survey , 54% of all South Korea Phone Number List consumers under 34 say they prefer a brand that values ​​equality (on all fronts). That is a flywheel effect that is often overlooked. Which dates are important? As mentioned, Pride is a logical time to join Marketing the Rainbow . In the Netherlands, apart from the annual Pink Saturday (since 1977, usually the last Saturday of June), there are already about ten Prides. In addition to the eye-catcher in Amsterdam during the first weekend of August.

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There are more or less large events in cities South Korea Phone Number List such as Rotterdam , Dordrecht , Amersfoort and Leeuwarden in the period June to September, a Pride at the Beach in Zandvoort and in Almere there is even a Winter Pride , just like in South Korea Phone Number List Zandvoort (which this year takes place from December 18-20). In addition to a Dutch Pride, you can opt for a hooker during Europride (in 1994 and 2016 in Amsterdam) or the biennial WorldPride . And then there’s the international Pride Month ( June ). Image of a company that focuses on communication for LGBT+.But beware: if you only show your diversity during Pride, you will quickly be seen as a profiteer.

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