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It goes without saying that all your images have a high resolution and can be publish royalty-free. Include the name of your organization and a description of the image UK Phone Number in the file name. In addition, make sure you have enough photos in landscape format. This is the most commonly used format for publications. 3. Publicity Good example is good to follow. So show what has been written about your organization before, which prizes you have won and what kind of press releases UK Phone Number you send. If your organization has previously appear in the media with great reports or interviews, this is the place to share those publications. Also share (a selection of) previous press releases. This gives journalists UK Phone Number quick insight into your press approach, news value and the topics with which your organization profiles itself.

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Contact Information, Style Guide & FAQ You should have put quite a bit of work into collecting relevant, interesting and beautiful content for your press kit. Make sure you pay UK Phone Number the same amount of attention to the dots on the i. By closing your press kit professionally, clearly and informatively, you give journalists the last push to publish. First of all, make sure that all important contact information is easy to find and clear. Such as general e-mail addresses, telephone UK Phone Number , opening hours and addresses. In addition, you publish their UK Phone Number name, a photo, personal contact details and the days on which they can be reach for all employees and available experts.

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A style guide is also a welcome UK Phone Number addition. This helps journalists with spelling, abbreviations and applying the correct way of saying. For example, the Johan Cruyff Foundation uses a Y when they talk about the Cruyff Foundation (with a capital F), but a long IJ when they call the person Johan Cruyff. In addition, an FAQ is a UK Phone Number useful reference. As a communication manager, you naturally know exactly which questions are most often asked from the press. By proactively answering the most frequently asked questions, you save yourself and the UK Phone Number  journalist time. And after all, that’s what it’s all about.

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