Your Social Networks Will Be The Tools


For disseminating or amplifying your content. So far so good, but what content to offer? The contents are not exclusive to one stage or another, although there are some more suitable than others. In general, and that can be used in this stage of attracting users, are: infographics Ebooks Whitepapers Market studies Blog posts Podcasts specialized guides Templates Interviews specialty items playful surveys Question games (quizzes) Animated gifs Photos Webinars MOOC’s As you can see,

If you have never heard of a bank, but you discover through Facebook that this bank, on its fan page, offers an ebook on the correct use of a credit card, and for free download, wouldn’t you feel grateful? for such information? I think so, and that’s New Zealand WhatsApp Number List I want to go. It is no use developing the content formats written above if you are going to use them to talk only about your brand. No, I would take that as spam. In inbound marketing, the key is that the same people make the decision to follow your brand .

Do You Think They Will Do It Because

you posted a nice banner of your company or because of a nice video of your products? No, I highly doubt it. Those people will come to your brand on their own because you published content that is of great value to them and because your product or service relieves them of pain. For example, your wax brand posts a video tutorial on cleaning floors for beginners, or the college you run publishes an ebook designed for parents

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That provides advice on monitoring their children’s school performance. Have you already discovered the key at this stage? Provide quality content that, in addition to entertaining, educates people. As simple as that. Using social media to “convert and close” Once you have attracted unknown users to your brand, and for this reason, your brand is now known to them and these are regular visitors to your fan page, blog or website, it is time to move on to the next stage, that of converting them. in leads.

This Is Where You Have To Use

robust calls to action on your social networks , with powerful images and messages that motivate people to click on. The post and then to a landing page, where they will find content. of quality and interest. Which freely, after filling out a form, which is the way to get leads. The most suitable formats to use or offer on social networks, according to this stage, are ebooks, guides, studies of a certain market sector, whitepapers and, of course, webinars.

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