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Avoid words with more than three Czech Republic Phone Number unless they are commonplace (for example, “toothbrush”). Do not use more than one adjective (that, this, that, there) per sentence. Use positive language, so not ‘It’s not easy’, but ‘It’s difficult’. Avoid redundant sentences or Czech Republic Phone Number such as different, determined or diverse: they distract from the core you want to communicate. Use words consistently, not synonyms, even if you repeat yourself. An example of information about healthy eating Not: Whole grain Whole-grain products should not be missing, such as whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice. Just Czech Republic Phone Number in fruit and vegetables, these products contain a lot of fiber.

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They contribute to Czech Republic Phone Number digestion, a feeling of fullness after eating and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. But: Whole grain It is healthy to eat a lot of fiber. Fiber helps your stomach and intestines to digest food. It takes longer to Czech Republic Phone Number hungry again. It’s better for your heart and blood vessels. You are less likely to get diabetes. You are less likely to get colon cancer. Which foods contain a lot of fiber? The skin around grains consists of fibres. Food that still has that skin in it is called whole wheat. For example, whole wheat Czech Republic Phone Number or whole wheat pasta. Rice also has a skin with fiber.

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This rice is called brown rice. Fruit and Czech Republic Phone Number also contain a lot of fiber. 3. Offer information in different ways Information is often better understood and remembered when you Czech Republic Phone Number multiple senses. Therefore, support text with simple visual material and ensure a read aloud button and sufficient contrast on the page. The latter is also necessary for people who are visually impaired or illiterate. The use of a video is also an option. Make sure that the tempo in the video is slow and include pauses, in which the receiver can process the information. An example: Steffie, the site that Czech Republic Phone Number difficult things easily The website completely set up for people with an MID.

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